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The word Essay coming from the term Assay which means “to try”, try to explain people, method, and everything that can be explained. Essay needs at least five paragraphs that consist of one introductory paragraph, three main body paragraphs and one concluding paragraph. Introductory is the introduction of the essay consists of general knowledge, anecdote, quotation, facts, statistic, and the last sentence of introductory paragraph is consisting of thesis statement that has function as the main point of the essay. A good essay cannot ask question in the essay itself because essay is to explain not to ask question. In essay do not forget about SPA (subject, purpose, and audience) what or who the subject, what the purpose of writing, and who the audience of the essay is. In essay make sure to make a close thesis not open thesis because close thesis is simple and already specified and make the writer can write more focus to the topic. To write a good essay there are three main steps pre-writing 90%, writing 5%, and revising or editing 5%. Pre-writing are the first and the most important step in making essay, it is easy to produce a good pre-writing by having the right step: generating ideas, editing the list, and planning. In generating ideas all of the ideas is gathered and do not think about which one is good and which one is bad, do not rejecting the ideas that come to the essay accept all of the ideas that come to the generating ideas step. Some popular methods of generating ideas are by brainstorming, clustering, free-writing and keep a journal. Second, by editing list and start thinking about the purpose of the essay and why the people make essay, when the purpose of the essay found, people will know the one of the ideas that need to be eliminated is the sentence that cannot be related to the focus of the topic. And the last step is planning by making a simple outline of the ideas that already been generated and edited in the previous step. Making a simple outline will guide the process of making an essay. When the three processes finished, it will be easy to making an essay. Writing process is the second process after pre-writing process. This process will make the sentence longer and longer up to the end until it form a paragraph. Paragraph is consists of three main parts: topic sentence, supporting sentence, and concluding sentence. Topic sentence is the main point of the paragraph that stated in the first sentence and should be written in one clear sentence; make sure the sentence is relevant with the thesis statement from the introductory. The topic sentence will help the writer to focusing the writer mind in one way. Or you can use - "write my dissertation" online service. Next is supporting sentence that have function to add some detail information, evidence and argument of the main point of the paragraph, supporting sentence must support and related to the main point of the paragraph. The last is concluding paragraph which has function to summarize, concluding and retell the main point of the first sentence of the paragraph and make sure the concluding sentence have the same point from the topic sentence. . The last process of making an essay is revising the essay. Revising come from the word vision which means “see” and prefix re- which means “again”, from that word revising means see again the essay that already finished which means people must read over the essay and make sure that all of the sentence are relevant from the topic and there is a clear topic sentence in the essay. People must read over their essay because it is impossible for all of the people to make a perfect essay in one try. In the revising there is step that called as editing; editing is the final process of the revision step. Before we edit the essay we need to know which one is needed to be edited by reading the essay and search the sentence that needed to be repaired, removed, and edited. Editing is activities such as add new ideas in the essay that will make the essay better and support the topic sentence on the essay, re-arrange ideas for the improvement of the essay, eliminate irrelevant sentence, looking for and correcting mistake in grammar, spelling, and punctuation in essay. When the there is no other thing that can be replace, repair and editing it means that the essay is finished. Clearly, the process of making an essay is easy by using Pre-writing, writing, and revising step. When the people know how to write an essay easily, there will be a lot of people that like to write an essay. Always practice in making an essay will make the essay better than before like the people said, “practice makes perfect”.
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