The perfect shoe for a “shabby chic” bride

Shabby Chic

Today we went to disclose the latest trends concerning weeding theme here at Shoe Fair. Make a note of your favorite and choose the style that best suits you.

The theme we are going to peer today is the “Shabby Chic wedding.” The shabby style is unbound, not necessarily unkempt, it can be rather bucolic, made of light, antique textiles, flowers, crafts, a world of precious objects steeped in history and art. That’s why it’s perfect for a marriage of love, between the dream and reality.

In the scene of a “Shabby Chic wedding” there is a retrò taste, in this trend all runs through memories, natural materials, artcraft, vintage, romantic and ecological as well. Let’s think about the atmosphere typical of Provence, the crepuscular region of France, inebriated by sweet scent of lavender, the sun filtering through a white wooden window in a room decked out with some wicker baskets, old wooden tables in a colonial style, doilies and linens embroidered by hand, anything that looks worn out but at the same time valuable, sophisticated and elegant. A wedding shabby chic is always sought in every detail, nothing is left to chance.

“Shabby chic” was born as a style of furniture focused on restoring and recovery of old objects with their delicious and distinctive aspect of living.

This style trend is turning into a veritable school of thought that goes well with the ecological philosophy of luxury recycling. The re-use, however, must be done with very good taste. For a shabby chic wedding the ideal dress is vintage or old looking, with lace, romantic, enriched maybe old embroidery, or it can be made ​​with recovered tissues in grandmama’s trunk. However, your dress should not be “second-hand” and likewise your shoes, rather all your garment has to have this appearance. The shoes that suit your “shabby chic style” could be the bridal with retro or classic shapes such as Angela Nuran Deco, Giuseppe Zanotti Women’s E10230 Bridal Shoes, Bridal by Butter Women’s Claribel-B Platform Two-Piece Sandal, or even Jen + Kim for Coloriffics Women’s Luna Platform … and so on. The newest interesting concept about this trend is that Shabby chic brides are also able to get married, wearing a pair of beautiful ballerinas or flat shoes such as Marc Jacobs Women’s Ballerina, Tory Burch Eddie Ballet Flats, … or even barefoot!

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