The Fly Racing Maverik MX Kids Off-Road/Dirt Bike Boot

The Fly Maverick MX Kids Off-Road/Dirt Bike are the new mind blowing and ultimate foot gear for the off-road and bike enthusiasts. Designed with cutting edge technology it is a blend of science, tech wizardry, safety and coolness all rolled into one. However, the best part is that this whole package is uncompromisable and is still up for sale at an unbelievably low price. Your young ones wish to possess a pair of such shoes, especially when going for off-road bike riding adventures during holiday seasons.

The boots are packed with insane features, which cannot go unnoticed. They are made with genuine leather, which any sports person knows is the best material for protection. This allows it to form a heat shield for your foot, plus it lasts longer than using plastic. They are equipped with adjustable straps that can be varied to the required tightness of the fastening. Not only that; it comes with a still toe cap fitted to protect the toes during moments of hard impact.

These footwear are shaped to envelope the leg up to the shin, and they are more than just for comfort as they ensure protection of children’s legs in the areas most vulnerable to injury. Another notable feature of the sport shoes is the race sole that comes with a steel shank. This ensures that the boot can withstand contact with the bike’s metallic components as well as the impact associated with motocross.

Fly Racing Maverik MX Kids Off-Road/Dirt Bike boots are the best bet for the safety of your child. They are designed with cutting edge technology that specializes on safety while still pulling off the style and edge that is appealing to children. It is guaranteed to meet your standards for protection and is a sure hit for children who are extreme sports enthusiasts. The boot fly is not merely another in a line of sports gear; it is a challenge to discover one’s inner maverick.

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