• paola
  • February 11, 2013 10:44 am
  • Trends

The woman who said that “high heels lift women’s buttocks a few inches”, still continues to surprise us with his genial ideas in terms of fashion, even talking about flat shoes. Vivienne Westwood is a designer at 360 °, is a volcano, a creator of new and unusual shapes, the one who knows how to reinvent even “the invented”. Let’s look at some of her proposals to realize his innate ability in generating new structures, new ways of drawing elegance and fashion.

Her Women’s Pirate Flat Boot, stunning over a pair of skinny jeans or a mini skirt, have a hint of heel that gives a subtle boost in stature, certainly not the impetus for the buttocks we intended for the pump. Their manufacturing quality leather, soft and comfortable, it is perfectly balanced by a fashionable hint given by the buckles pirate cleverly contrasted in a tone-on-tone, articulated along the boot up to the knee. Vivienne’s Leather Boots are Made in Italy by some of the best worldwide artisan in terms of fashion and accessories manifacture. So if you were looking for a treasure you have got it!

Another Vivienne’s quality creation that deserves to challenge feminine appeal talking about “flat and comfortable shoes” is Melissa Ultragirl by VW. Just because Vivienne knows very well how to make your charme coming out in a elegant and versatile shoes structure, absolutely exclusive and ordinary at the same time. You will be surprised by the easy and comfortable shape of these colorful, rubbery shoes Ballet Flat Made in Brazil.

Having compared two very different themes of the flat, we must conclude that the eclectic Vivienne knows very well how to indulge themselves even between different styles, always maintaining its brand among the bizarre and the ordinary, between tailoring and deconstructed, between fashion and classic. We are in the range of this punky stylist between the high summit that celebrate buttock’s ascension with high heels and flat crazy shoes in rubber or leather to wear every day.

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