Less is More! Heel-Less High Shoes

Victoria Beckham

Today we dedicate an article to the latest most amazing  footwear shapes where the motto “Less is More” is the master. Of course, our is a curious topic, because we are talking about extremely high shoes without heel. It seems to be an emerging trend we have seen parading spotted on many catwalk’shows during Paris Fashion Week … With this pair of shoes the wearer is expected to balance her weight on top af a chunky platform, without having nothing under her ball of the foot. In order to get somewhere she should prance to get around. We’ve seen aspiring fashionistas outside of fashion shows in the fun-tastic footwear leaning against walls.

And ‘now clear that everything comes from celebrities’ obsession for no high-heel shoes such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce or Victoria Beckham which are walking at their own risk, since the non-vertiginous heels leave little room for anything but tottering. V.I.P. are taking no heels to a new level. We’ve seen them out and about in shoes without heels.

How Is that even possible? That’s maybe not completely possible for normal people who actually have to walk away in a normal ordinary contest.

But luckily we have here on ShoeFair a few shoppable options in case you’d like to try this crazy trend.

We guess that a shoe like Giuseppe Zanotti Women’s I26115 Platform Pump should do wonders for balance as much for posture and safety. These stunning shoes defy gravity and expectations with a tremendous height and a peculiar heel-less. The invisible heel! So finally “less is more” in this Italian-crafted look perfect to pair with the most fashionable outfit you could have in your wardrobe.

The material used is suede and the shape boasts a delicate ankle strap for a secure fit and a ladylike touch … you never know!

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