Jack Rogers Women’s Jacks Moccasin

  • MilitsaG
  • March 8, 2013 5:50 pm
  • Trends

Jack Rogers is a brand of shoes that has been widely recognized and approved by many happy customers and thousands of reviews to prove the quality and marvelous designs offered.
The history of this brand is quite long actually. It starts in the early 60s on the isle of Capri. There were many people gathered because of the international jet set and everyone was dressed formally, showing off a really impressive outlook. There was one person that really stood out from all the rest of the people and that was the Jackie Kennedy. She has been always known for having great taste in clothes and the shoes she was wearing were giving her the style and chic that made her be the most unique person on that isle. The shoes were made by Jack Rogers, who she had met before. This is how all started.
There are many things that inspire Jack Rogers to create all these amazing designs for shoes and not only. However, he says that the thing which inspires him the most are actually the people who are among us, the people who live up to the moment, who know how to live as if it is the last day, they enjoy the nature and each small pleasure that life gives them. He gets inspired by photography and fashion trends as well. History is one of his favorite subjects also.
The Jack Rogers Women’s Jacks Moccasin is one great pair of shoes that is going to satisfy every woman’s desire for elegance and fashionable outlook. It is in the classic black color. The interesting design of the front part of each shoe makes it really attractive and unique, gives an identical touch that is going to be remembered by people. This is actually how all of the designs of Jack Roger are – unique, chic, elegant and modern.
The price of this particular pair of shoes is 188 dollars, which is considerably cheap for a design by this famous designer. They are really affordable and great looking.

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