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  • February 4, 2013 1:29 pm
  • Trends

In recent months, the network is literally bursting with numerous posts, all over the web, wrote by young fashionistas as well by very normal people… which shows the fateful question: “How to wear a nice classic pair of Timberland today?”

Suggestions are so many and contradictory at the same time:

someone tells you should wear them with a pair of baggy and long jeans, someone else claims that jeans should be worn outside or inside the shoes, someone like tongue out or tongue in, the shoes open or closed?

The secret is in the contextualization of the classic, because who does not know Timberland? All of us. Facing the times and fashions, the classic Timberland today more than ever is living a comeback in everyday clothing with its strong character as the quality shoe that will not let you go! What better way to actualize wearing it in the new guise, while also keeping its shape and developing its technical characteristics. Here’s how to know a classics able to become ever-green and how their quality is strengthened over the decades. Ok, but what is our suggestion? Here is the latest fashion in terms of wearing a new fashion-appeal by Timberland.

We follow the latest fashion by V.I.P. and young people. We should claim tight jeans tube and open shoe with tongue in sight. Just like if you had literally threw yourself inside your shoes before leaving home, without even fasten their lace, with a true vein of sloppiness that will make you so cool. Yes we are sure! Do not worry about laces! The shoe  supertrendy is ankle high, with its high and durable sole is ready to tackle Urban plots and even the outback or the woods. Look how sexy pop star Rihanna is presented in lively London. The appearance is really cool, so that in Milan, another major fashion capital of the world, young people are immediately noticeable as they go around the city with this style phlegmatic and strong at the same time, very fashionable.

What to buy? Better take advantage of favorable opportunities. We can offer several models for men and women, do not miss it! If you like high knee and are looking for Timberland Women’s Premium 14 Inch Lace-Up to wear with your sexy tight trousers, just click on.

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