How to wear and pair Ankle Boot

ankle boot outfit

The form perception in art is not a joke! And those who know a bit about fashion and style can help you improve your look customizing your own. Today we are talking about Ankle Boots. Currently Fashion dictate is proposing ankle boot and …. ankle boots … and … again … ankle boots ..  of all kinds, of all shape, of all styles, …all colors and materials, from the most cow to the more punk, from the studded, to those of crocodile leather, and even vertiginous stiletto-heeled, platform, from the most masculine, to those naked. Before wearing, however, it would be useful to consider some points because people find some difficult with ankle boots mix and match and they cannot even understand which outfit would be suitable for them. You will certainly find the style that suits you, just be careful to understand trick and trip that we are here to underline in these general simple rules. Surely it is advantageous to be tall, given that this type of boots can make your legs appear shorter and more robust. If you are pretty tall you could wear your ankle boots with bare legs and a mini dress. The boots are perfect to wear with leggings or skinny jeans. But beware! Especially for short females is advisable to wear collant, leggings or trousers in the same color of the boots, or in a tone on tone, to lengthen the figure. In general we can state that ankle boots have a tendency to visually split ankle, so who is slightly overweight should wear them preferably with a monochrome dress, maybe an outfit to three-quarters that reaches the knee or is just above. The higher the heel of the boots the most figure is slender.

The low heel version could be very trendy for some boots such as Ugg and it is much more comfortable to wear every day. The easiest solution for overweight people is to choose black boots with blacks, or pair them with skinny jeans and a comfortable top. For the most romantic and naif also a flowered dress and a black leather jacket may be a nice combination with black ankle boots. In Summer do not worry about temperature, there are also open toe ankle boots for a more sensual look, with your toes and nail in the open air.

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