How to get skinny by walking before Summer

Is “Getting skinny” on your agenda before Summer? You should need discipline to achieve satisfactory results and the right gear to do it. Walking might not be complicated or difficult in our every day life and is an effective form of exercise which has a low impact on the body. Walking is weight bearing and it helps to to build a strong bones structure of the body, while losing weight.

First of all you should choose the right pair of shoes for your walking. Although walking is not too much traumatic on the foot compared to running, it is helpful to choose the most flexible and comfortable shoe as possible which let your feet breathe.

walkStart with one slow walking and then regulate breathing with a more rapid pace, enable sweating in your body to burn fat and calories. All of which are important steps for the effectiveness of a good walking that helps to tone your entire body and lose weight.

You might even need to balance your your daily commitments with your walking activity, taking advantage while take a nice walk at a fast pace to reach the office or the place of a meeting. In this case, choose a shoe that is appropriate for the office as to the park, that matches to jacket and trousers, rather than sports suit. There are several options on the market today in this regard. Take a look at our website and you will find walking shoes among the most innovative, such as Nike or Adidas, but also comfortable shoes  that perform well even if their mandates are not intended as a Sportswear in the strict sense, but which can be worn for different uses, to pair with work or casual outfits, such as Geox.

In order to achieve results, increase your daily caloric expenditure and make you skinny faster, you should add as much additional walking to your day as possible. Choose to walk up stairs instead of using elevators or escalators, go walking during your lunch break and park your car at the far end of parking lots to Increase your activity walking distance. You will be ready for beachwear in a very short time!

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