High and Over Knee Boots


We love boots so much because they are an accessory which enhances versatility of our gowns. Beyond style, the choice is so wide and multifaceted for this must-have accessory, suitable for all seasons. A nice pair of boots, in fact, makes it wearable dresses and skirts, even in the cooler months, giving a glam touch to casual clothes like jeans and give allure even more easy to delicate garments. And it is now known the boots are no longer exclusive to the winter season.

This year are back in fashion high and over-knees boots style’s cuissard, strictly with high heel, irresistible when worn with short skirts. But to prevent the can-can’s effect, or look like a pretty woman, we must avoid wearing them with particularly sexy outfits. The knee boots are already very flashy by itself and stand out with even the most sloppy outfit. They render particularly good on slender silhouette out of legs practically perfect. If worn with long tops and volume, may help to slim the figure even on the the lowest and curvy women.

For those who have no intention of doing eccentrics, but to wear a nice high-knee cavalry boot style, or in a more clean and refined appearance, do not miss the opportunity to find it here out of ShoeFair what he does for them, with a wide choice of good quality items at discounted prices. Of course you can also opt for the super-trendy flat models. Overknees flat, have been the revelation of the last two seasons, finally catapulting the cuissard in all shoe racks. Lovely, comfy, extremely chic. Even Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti have proposed in their amazing collections cuissard models and flat, suitable for the most tall. Be aware! For overknees boots, unless you have fairly slender legs, you may risk a unaesthetic effect: the flab of the thigh which overflows from the edge of cuissard. Oh no!

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