Geox: shoe that breathes


Speaking about technological innovation in the fashion field, starting from shoes, certainly the italian brand Geox has something to say since it deserve to be consider as a leader in shoe’s advanced technological properties. It has make a reality starting from a concept: the foot needs to breathe. In fact, his motto is “Geox breathes.”

The urban legend tells us that Mr. Poletti Polegato, walking through Nevada’s streets, bothered by the heat produced by his shoes, made some small holes with a penknife to let transpire rubber soles and give breathing to his very hot foot. Shortly afterwards, on returning to his homeland, Italy, he began to study a patent, testing his winning idea with some prototype.

However, his clever idea was not accepted after his proposal to some major manifactures with the same enthusiasm even though his prototypes had already its internationally patent. So Mario decided to make its own production and to establish their own brand in order to produce shoes with the peculiarity of its patented sole.  This is how Geox became one of the brands most known and appreciated in the international fashion scene.

The secret of a Geox is in the special membrane, a microporous structure, able to allow the foot to breathe, inhibiting the passage and the stagnation of humidity inside and outside. The structure of the sole so composed, at the same time absorbs and expels the excess heat, keeping the foot dry. In alignment with the concept of comfort, developing other lines Geox’s evolution is in a consistent manner across design. The implementation of Geox items, from shoes to clothes, has some peculiarity such as flexibility, softness, ergonomic design, not to mention the taste of design and style, with the use of quality materials, Italian prerogative, with a focus on fashion trends and the declination of comfort in elegant, sporty and trendy, fits a little ‘to all ages and all situations.

With its numerous collections, Geox produces loafers, sneakers, flats and décolleté for women, colored sports shoes, loafers, boots for men, sandals, sneakers, flats for junior. 

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