Alexander McQueen Black Skull Clutch

  • MilitsaG
  • January 31, 2013 10:28 pm
  • Trends

Preparing for an important night out is not easy at all. Every single detail in the outlook of the woman should be perfect and chic. It needs to show a great taste and uniqueness. The outfit needs to show every unique individual characteristic of the body in order to bring up the natural beauty. This is the way how to be attractive and noticed by every woman and man on this special occasion.

Even if it is not such a formal occasion, women still try to look the best they can in order to be liked and accepted by others. Once done with choosing the right dress and shoes, there is a third important part of the outfit – the handbag. Depending on the occasion, the size and design of the handbag need to be chosen very carefully and thoughtfully. If it is a really formal occasion then the perfect handbag would be of small size, because you would not need to carry many accessories with you. For example, only a phone and some make up attributes. The design needs to fit your dress. It should blend perfectly with its color, form and surface details.

The Alexander McQueen Black Skull Clutch is a nice fit to an outstanding dress and shoes. It is extremely comfortable, because of the special way of handling it. There is a place for your fingers. The classic black color and surface of the clutch makes it easy to combine it with your outfit. The inner lining is of a really attractive red color – the color of life. Black and red are always a great combination. The frame is made of gunmetal and as addition there are Swarovski crystals in the design.

It is modern, chic, elegant and unique. The effect of this design given by the crystals and McQueen emblem makes this clutch the perfect one for such special occasions.

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