A Glamourous Tote Bag

Tote bag is basicly a shopping bag and it is one of designer’s passion since every woman needs one! Tote bags came into the main scene in fashion due to its versatility. Since they are convenient and spacious they have become one of the most common types of bags that women buy for their everyday life.

There are several types of tote bags available in the market today, no longer just functional bags but out-and-out stylish and elegant. Women even take their totes to work and to parties as well.  Many designers today are developing and producing tote bags of any types which are trendy, esclusive yet practical. Tote bags could be sturdy and cheap or the most expensive and luxury as well. The use of a tote could be for many purposes: shopping, social life, work, week-end, and so on.  Main peculiarities are to be super versatile, capacious, flexible, able to carry multiple items, glam! That’s why it has rapidly got popular and  un-replaceable among women.

The very first tote bag was created around the 40. It was the Boa Bag tote bag: a standard canvas bag designed for boaters. Around the 50s the time when serial shopping  had a boom, tote bags have been used by the mass.

Tote Bag

Due to this demand of tote bags, the production grew up among designer. Many names are ought to be mentioned here: Bonnie Cashin, Kate Spade.


Today the basic tote bag transforms herself into a complete fashion accessory for women. Here on Shoe Fair we have selected a wide range of items that could meet the interest of women in terms of designer’s Tote bag.

Some of our favorites are: Nylon+Leather Details Tote Bag by Prada, the retrò inspiration of the Marc Jacobs Wellington Classic Tote, and so on.. But we are sure you may find your perfect tote bag to carry all your personal belonging from office to party! .. in the style and shape that you would like.

Enjoy your search!


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