Shabby Chic

The perfect shoe for a “shabby chic” bride

Today we went to disclose the latest trends concerning weeding theme here at Shoe Fair. Make a note of your favorite and choose the style that best suits you.
The theme we are going to peer today is the “Shabby Chic wedding.” The shabby style is unbound, not necessarily unkempt, it can be rather bucolic, made of light, antique textiles, flowers, crafts, a world of precious objects steeped in history and art. That’s why it’s perfect for a marriage of love, between the dream and reality.


High and Over Knee Boots

We love boots so much because they are an accessory which enhances versatility of our gowns. Beyond style, the choice is so wide and multifaceted for this must-have accessory, suitable for all seasons. A nice pair of boots, in fact, makes it wearable dresses and skirts, even in the cooler months, giving a glam touch to casual clothes like jeans and give allure even more easy to delicate garments.


Ash: the brand who is setting following trends in footwear

The strength of Ash footwear is to be already in men and women’s desire even before being seen. The several items commercialized by Ash shoes are able to set following trends rather than follow them. That is why this brand deserve to be mentioned here in the Shoefair’s trend section. Ash’s collections are characterized by an innovative and contemporary sense of style that seems to anticipate needs and tastes of character’s people of our days. Its philosophy is targeted at creating cool unique products for fashion forward consumers.

FLY London Women’s Brit Wedge Pump-wegdes pg1

Look Hot And Gorgeous With The FLY Wedge Pumps

These wedges are one of a kind since they make the backside of any woman to arch, pushing the chest out, along with the buttocks backward. On the whole, it improves a woman’s shape perfectly and enhances their walking style. Women who look taller and walk with poise tend to be more eye-catching, owing to the design similar to swagger the footwear offer the wearer. Furthermore, the danger of tripping is low, and toughness is higher generally.

Cutout Laser

Intertwining, laser and texture effects to surprise!

In fashion, you know: where there is a medium there is a way! The designers know how to indulge in their collections of accessories where effects plots and texture are kings! For a bag, a shoe, a clutch, a complement of great effect where the fashionable and refined win … choose from the latest fashion texture. The new laser technologies allow the creation décor and texture even complex on a wide range of shapes and designs. Handbags are enriched with carved geometric designs in repetition, or miraculous intertwining between strips of soft nappa or other materials. Have a look at some special items we offer here on ShoeFair.

Strappy Mary Jane Pumps

Elegant And Modern Strappy Mary Jane Pumps

These classic shoes are perfect for a great night out because you can wear them with ether a short dress, a short skirt or even a tight long pants or short. It is really good to observe the modern trends in fashion and wear according to the current fashion around.