Lace up Boot

Men’s Lace Up Boots

Spring is the season of loafers and canvas shoes. But climate change and days spent out-door out-door calls for something more appropriate for weather. Around a rainbow selection coming from autumn/winter footwear everything becomes clear: the men’s go for 2013 even in Spring are lace-up boots.


Slippers Mania

Slippers make no exception when something inspired by menswear becomes practically fundamental even for the women wardrobe, calling the true style staple for this season as the new flats you can wear instead of ballerina and sandals. We have plenty of examples on how to make the best of this trend. Most of our inspiration is coming directly from the street and from the number of celebrities and V.I.P. already flaunting their newest shoe addiction during their off-duty hours or parties.


Gladiator Trend

The gladiator shoes were spotted all over the spring 2013 catwalks asserting what appears to be another stand-out footwear trend. To renew your short and long dresses, your new hairstyle shatush with sunlight reflections and your fresh summer look, choose a gladiator shoe that gives you that air of power and freedom, while making everything sexy and young. Gladiator style is going to be a true statement summer, so hurry up and choose your model at attractive prices here on ShoeFair. For those who want to be fashionable without spending a fortune it can be useful to surf here to help you in finding suitable proposals for their wallet.


Opt for comfy style by choosing loafers

The best shoes a man or woman can opt for today are loafers even if they are having a lot of doubt if they can be used with every style and outfit. The answer is Yes! They can be used by every subject, elegant or sporty, chic or easy. Everyone would be able to pair up a loafers with a formal or not-formal outfits in a variety of new designs from classical to animalier, from sporty to royal…. Because of comfy level, symple shape and versatility which loafer has to offer, it has become really easy to combine with various attires.


Keywords for military trend: Military, combat, camouflage, army.

The military chic style so beloved by celebrities and fashionistas, seems to vigorously reaffirm itself again for the Spring Summer. Women and men will be dressed as soldiers or fighters and the number of proposals for military boots, latest generation of combat-boots, camouflage variants of accessories and footwear is still in a great amount.


Ash: the brand who is setting following trends in footwear

The strength of Ash footwear is to be already in men and women’s desire even before being seen. The several items commercialized by Ash shoes are able to set following trends rather than follow them. That is why this brand deserve to be mentioned here in the Shoefair’s trend section. Ash’s collections are characterized by an innovative and contemporary sense of style that seems to anticipate needs and tastes of character’s people of our days. Its philosophy is targeted at creating cool unique products for fashion forward consumers.

color blocking

Color Blocking Trend

Something that has really caught our attention in the latest fashion trends is color blocking! Spring and Summer on the catwalks were all about color blocking. Designers this season provide a great many easy dresses in colorblock shapes and even accessories follow the concept. Our favorite versions pair 3 or more super-satured hues to make one sharp look! Even make-up is a color blocking effect: Dior features blue eyeshadow, red lips and tangerine nails. Collection are full of tri-colored dress that quickly grabbed the attention of editors and retailers. Let’s have a guideline on how to create your spring color blocking look completing outfits with accessories.

ankle boot outfit

How to wear and pair Ankle Boot

The form perception in art is not a joke! And those who know a bit about fashion and style can help you improve your look customizing your own. Today we are talking about Ankle Boots. Currently Fashion dictate is proposing ankle boot and …. ankle boots … and … again … ankle boots .. of all kinds, of all shape, of all styles, …all colors and materials, from the most cow to the more punk, from the studded, to those of crocodile leather, and even vertiginous stiletto-heeled, platform, from the most men, to those naked.Before wearing, however, it would be useful to consider some points. You will certainly find the style that suits you, just be careful to understand trick and trip that we are here to underline in these general simple rules.


How to get skinny by walking before Summer

Is “Getting skinny” on your agenda before Summer? You should need discipline to achieve satisfactory results and the right gear to do it. Walking might not be complicated or difficult in our every day life and is an effective form of exercise which has a low impact on the body. Walking is weight bearing and it helps to to build a strong bones’ structure of the body while losing weight. First of all you should choose the right pair of shoes for your walking.


Columbia Bugaboot

We should recommend a pair of Columbia Bugaboot as ideal shoes for anyone who wants to keep their feet warm and dry during winter, for those who like to take long walks in outdoor and urban spaces, with snow and cool. The Bugaboot are made with high quality materials and their value for money is indeed a winner! They are comfortable and functional for everyday use, with an attractive design suitable for many outfits. In order to under stand more about their details and performance, we should tell you that their basic model has OmniHeat 100 grams…

most-sought fashion brands in america

The most sought American fashion brand on the Web

According to Digital Luxury Group, which creates market information for luxury brands, search engines is able to reflect customer interest in terms of style and taste. Search engines are very accurate in understanding primary interests and customers needs, so let’s have a look on american’s actual fashion trends.


Geox: shoe that breathes

Speaking about technological innovation in the fashion field, starting from shoes, certainly the italian brand Geox has something to say since it deserve to be consider as a leader in shoe’s advanced technological properties. It has make a reality starting from a concept: the foot needs to breathe. In fact, his motto is “Geox breathes.”